How To Identify Unhealthy Habits?

Tue 11 April 2017

The biggest obstacle to moving forward and identifying unhealthy habits is lack of knowledge. Mostly, we are too busy to research for ourselves so rely on input from those who have done the research. That’s perfectly fine too as long as we don’t become overwhelmed with too many sources.

Identifying Unhealthy Habits

One of the first steps to take is to identify the habits that you need to change along with the ones that you want to change. Here are some of the habits many of us have cultivated that need a makeover, so that our families can lead a healthier life with a sense of purpose.

The Obesity Trend

We have already discussed that kids are suffering from obesity as well (see 10 Part Series on Childhood Obesity) 

But what is contributing to this trend? Check out eHealth Brain pills. Here are a few important points to notice when identifying unhealthy habits.

School lunches – Schools offer sodas, vending machines and fast food fare to kids for lunch in middle school and high school. It is up to them to turn down fattening choices for healthier fare but we haven’t always given them the tools to choose wisely.

No physical education – Depending on your school district, kids are not required to take a physical education class each year. This limits the amount of activity that they get each day.

Electronics – The increase in video games, remote controls, home video rentals, personal computers and other devices don’t inspire our kids to get off the couch. In fact, it doesn’t inspire parents to move once they get home. A sedentary lifestyle further increases the weight gain.

Eating processed foods – The kitchen is becoming a ghost town in many homes. For busy families, eating fast food and frozen meals is what a family meal is all about. It is quick and easy but not necessarily nutritious. This decreases the nutritional value the body receives each day.

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