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Tue 31 January 2017

Was I an intern yesterday? No, no. That was two years ago. My photos confirmed that. Look what I brought for the staff two years ago. I made a “healthy” version of chocolate chip pumpkin bars. I had a lovely green sign displaying healthy benefits. Two years later a few phrases made me buy codeine online cringe. You livework, you learn.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit intern-ish because I went to CCU (critical care unit) with the CNSC (certified nutrition support clinician) dietitian. CNSC is a specialty with ASPEN (American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition). Basically the girl knows her tube feedings and TPNs!

I tagged along since I will be working Christmas Eve with only 1 other dietitian plus it’s part of my yearly goals to become acquainted with all inpatient units.

During my internship I LOVED the ICU and CCU!! It was fast paced and always so interesting. Rounds are so helpful and it lets all the disciplines work together for the good of the patient. I love all the math I get to do, too!

I spent about 2+ hours in the CCU which included rounds which was almost like a parade because we did it around the nursing station in 2 different pods. Then of course we did a lot of tube feeding recommendations and follow ups. The dietitian refreshed me with so much different nutrition support information:

Peptamen Bariatric and Pivot 1.5 are immune enhancing formulas which are ideal for ICU/CCU. Use 1.5 grams protein/kg for patients on vent. It’s critical to not overfeed a patient on a vent due to difficulty of weaning off of vent. Recommended 20% above recommended daily mL of tube feeding formula so patient will receive adequate amount (new information). This is due to stopping and starting of tube feeding for various reasons. She uses ideal body weight for overweight/obese patients per ASPEN recommendations to calculate needs. How riveting is that information? I enjoyed every minute of CCU! Intern or not, I learned/reviewed a lot and asked a lot of questions. You’re never done learning once you pass the RD exam.

The rest of my day was dull (in comparison) once I left CCU. I caught myself up in charting (with the exception of mailing and faxing notes) and saw a few cardiac rehab patients. I made one patient’s entire week when I told them that they could eat potatoes despite having diabetes.

Once home, I finally got around to dinner. I had all the makings for vegan jambalaya, so that’s what was concocted along with roasted broccoli. Dinner was done the second the boyfriend came over after all his meetings. I really wonder if he times it that way intentionally.

There have been a lot of commercials lately for Stand Up To Cancer. When they are on I yell at the TV: “Start by eating more vegetables!” Don’t worry, I’m not an anti-cancer research supporter. My parents and I just donated to Melanoma Research Foundation. Support cancer research, but also eat your vegetables to fight it.

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